The Absorber® dries your furry friends faster and easier.


"I purchased two of these to dry my dogs after their baths. They are so much easier to use than bath towels. It only takes one to dry each dog instead of two regular size towels. I love the fact that I can squeeze the water out and use it again and again until the dog is dry. "
"We use these on our dogs every night during summer after they swim at the lake. They are wonderful!!! Really suck the water right off the dogs! And they last forever (unless you leave it on the park bench... that's why I'm reordering!) and we toss ours into the washing machine too!regular towel (and far less bulky, too)."

For Grooming Professionals

Groomers face all kinds of challenges in their business, and drying your clients quickly and easily is one you face daily. But with The Absorber® Pro Dry, drying becomes incredibly quick, easy and cost-effective. That’s because the Absorber’s natural sponge-like composition goes to work immediately, pulling 50% more water out of each dog’s coat than regular cotton or microfiber towels. If you’re drying a large dog, just wring the Absorber out and it’s like having a new dry towel, so there’s no need to use more than one towel on any size dog.

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